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Merton Feed Wisconsin Feed Seeds And Fertilizers

Seeds & Fertilizers

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Lawn & Garden

The Delong Company


Simazine 90W (10lb.)
GlyStar/MadDog (2.5 gallons)
RangerPro (2.5 gallons)
Kleenup Pro/GlyStar (1 gallon)
Pramitol (1 gallon)
MEC Amine D (1 & 2.5 gallons)
Cross Bow Brush Killer (1 gallon)
Chrystal Pleyalgin
Weed Blast (6lb. & 40lb.)
Cotrine Granular (30lb.)
Fusilade II

Lawn SeedS

Turf Perfect Super Lawn (1lb, 25lb. & 50lb.)
Shady Place (1lb, 25lb. & 50lb.)
Merton Fast & Tuff (1lb, 25lb. & 50lb.)
Annual Rye (50lb.)
Perennial Rye (50lb.)

Potato SeedS

Red Norland (50lb.)
Red Pontiac
Yukon Gold

General Products

28-3-10 Pasture Fertilizer
0-0-7 Award with Merit & Grub Control
17-0-0 Award Crabgrass with Prod
18-0-3 Weed & Feed with Trimec
36-0-7 Lawn Builder
20-12-8 Seed Starter
Mach 2 Grub Control
24-0-10 Winterizer
6-2-2 Milorganite
Peat Moss
Pelleted Lawn Lime Nutra
Lawn Lime
Corn Gluten Meal
Soil Sulfur
Pot Ash 0-0-60
Steamed Bone Meal
Ura 46-0-0
Waterers (2, 3 & 5 gallon)
Hanging Feeders (12lb. and 40lb.)
1 Hole Nest Box
Metal Feeder (30lb.)

Pasture Perfect

Renovator (25lb.)
Show Horse (25lb.)
Back 40 (40lb.)
Quick Fix (25lb.)
Bale N Graze (25b. & 50lb.)
F320 Alfalfa (25lb.)
Red Clover (25lb.)
Ladina Clover
White Clover
Aslike Clover
Timothy (25lb.)
RR Soybean (25lb.)
Rape Seed (50lb.)
Resolve Soybean Seed