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Merton Feed Wisconsin Feed  Products Farm And Animal Care

Farm & Animal Care

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Cat & Kitten Products

Victor Pet Food

With Grain

Mers Classic Feline Multi-Pro (5lb. & 15lb.)

Canned Food

Case of Canned Cat Food (12/case)

Miscellaneous Products

Sassy Cat Freeze Dried Meat Treats by Herbsmith
Turbo Scratcher
Greenies Cat Treats
Cat Tails Non-Clumping Kitty Litter (25lb. & 50lb.)
Premium Solid Scoop Kitty Litter (25lb.)
Tuffy’s Dinnertime Cat Food (40lb.)
Condensed Pine Wood Bedding Pellets

Dog & Puppy Products

Victor Pet Food


Active Dog & Puppy (5lb. & 30lb.)
Ultra Pro (30lb.)
Hero Canine (5lb., 30lb. and 50lb.)
Yukon River Salmon & Sweet Potato (5lb. & 30lb.)
Chicken (30lb.)
Lamb (30lb.)

With Grain

Multi Pro (50lb.)
Professional (50lb.)
Chicken & Rice (15lb. & 30lb.)
High Pro Active Dog & Puppy (15lb. & 50lb.)
Senior & Health Weight (15lb. & 40lb.)
Ocean Fish (15lb. & 40lb.)
Beef Meal & Brown Rice (15lb. & 40lb.)
Lamb Meal & Brown Rice (15lb. & 40lb.)
High Energy (50lb.)
Performance with GC (40lb.)
Nutra Pro (40lb.)

Canned Food

Case of Canned Dog Food (12/case)


Red Flannel®

Red Flannel® Hi-Protein (50lb.)

Miscellaneous Products

Barkworthie Bully Stick (6in. & 12in.)
Dogma Pumpkin Ginger Flavor Dog Treats
Dogma Grain-Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats
Naturally Shed Split & Whole Elk Antler
Naturally Shed Elk Antler Rope Toy
Sport Mix Small (Puppy) and Medium Dog Biscuits
Sport Mix Large Golden Dog Biscuits
Isle of Dog Freeze-Dried Treats
Fruitables Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats
Beef-Basted Smoked Dog Bones
Dog Chewies and Rawhides
Assorted Dog Treats & Chews from Prince Corporation

Equine Products

Progressive Nutrition

ProAdvantage® Feeds

ProAdvantage® Grass Formula Pellet
ProAdvantage® Alfalfa Formula Pellet
ProAdvantage® Ultimate (25lb.)
Envision Classic® (40lb.)
Premium Lo-Carb Formula
ProElite® High Fat (40lb.)

Formula Feeds

Premium Foal First Starter
Foal’s First® Milk (10lb. pail)
Foal’s First® Milk (50lb. bag)
Growth Pelleted

Equine Minerals

Grass Mineral (bag & block available)
Alfalfa Mineral (bag & block available)

Nutritional Aids

Rejuvenade™ Paste
Rejuvenade™ Plus Liquid
Rejuvenade™ Pellets
Ulcer Formula (15lb.)
Kool Blue™ Supplement (15lb.)

Weight Gain Aids

Top-Line™ Enhance
Top-Line™ Xtreme

Doctor’s Choice Supplements

Equi-Shine Granular
Equi-Shine Ultimate
Rice Bran
B Good B Gone
Myo Ease

Tribute Equine Nutrition


Seniority™ Textured
Seniority™ Textured GC
14% Seniority™ Pellet
Kalm Ultra® with Probiotics
Kalm ‘N EZ® Pellet
Kalm ‘N EZ® GC
Kalm ‘N Fit®
Right Choice® 12% Low Starch Pellet

Ration Balancer Feeds

Essential K®
Essential K® GC
Alfa Essentials®
Grass Assist™ Mineral (25lb.)
Grass Assist™ Block
Horse Mineral 12-8

Foal Feeds

Foal Foundation™
Growth Pelleted

Fat Supplement Feeds

K Finish® (40lb.)
Cool Omega 40+ (20lb.)
Cool Calories 100 (20lb.)
Equi-Ferm XL® (7.5lb. or 6x7.5lb.)
Ultra GH™ Top Dress


Trib’s Treats®
Non-GMO 18% Layer
Non-GMO Soy Free All Stock
28% Horse Conc
Advanced Paste (1 Tube or Case of 12 Tubes)
Barley: Steam-Rolled
Rabbit Pellets
Tough as Nails®
Show Cattle Advantage
Vitamin E 20,000 (1.25lb.)
3-6-9 Shine™ (1 & 5 gallon)
Flock Block
Biotin 100

Speciality Products


Merton Sweet Horse Feed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Low Starch Horse Feed (Made at the Mill)

ADM Animal Nutrition


MoorGlo Pellets (40lb.)
Horse Pro Vitamin (100lb. & 200lb.)
Patriot Equine Mineral
StayStrong Metabolic Pellets


Horse Feed

Strategy® Professional Formula GX
Strategy® Health Edge
Equine Senior®
Ultim® Complete Horse Formula
Ultim® Gastic Care
Nicker Makers® Horse Treats
Dobins Apple & Oats Treats
Enrich 32
Amplify® High-Fat Horse Supplement
Hydration Hay

Miscellaneous Products

Alfalfa Cubes, Meal & Pellets
Steam-Rolled Barley
Whole Barley
Beet Pulp with Molasses
Plain Beet Pulp
Steam Rolled Oats from Local Farmers
Timothy Cubes
Ultralyx 20% Horse Protein Block
Sweet PDZ Stall Freshener Powder
Sweet PDZ Stall Freshener Granular

Poultry Products

Speciality Products

Only available at Merton feed

Merton Premium 18% Layer
Merton Egg Mash (Made at the Mill)
Merton Scratch Feed (Made at the Mill)

Luv Nest

Nesting Herbs

Organic Nesting Herbs Layer Blend
Organic Nesting Herbs Critter Ritter Blend
Organic Nesting Herbs Chick Mix Blend


Flock Block Sunfresh Recipe

Scratch & Peck Feeds

40lb Scratch & Peck Layer - with corn
40lb Scratch & Peck Layer - no corn

Animals + Eggs


Jumbo Broilers
White Leghorns
Sunnyside Brown
Suunnyside Black
Special Black (Asian Market)
Rare Breed Chicks
Slow Growing White
Heritage Breed Chicks: Barred Rock, RI Red, NH Red, Delaware
Buff Orpington and Hundreds More
Freedom Rangers


White Peckin
Muscovy (end of May)
Blue Swedish, Cayuga, Magpie, Buff, Khaki Campbell
Crested Ducks, Swedish, White
Other Breeds & Sexed Ducklings


White Embden
African, Chinese, Toulouse, Tufted Roman
Other Breeds & Sexed Goslings


Broad-Breasted White
Broad-Breasted Bronze
Heritage Breed Turkeys: Black Spanish, Bourbon Red, Blue Slate, Chocolate, White Holland, Standard Bronze, Royal Palm, Narragansett, Midget White
Other Breeds

Miscellaneous & Hatching Eggs

French Grey-Guinea Hens
Coral Blue, Lavender, White Chicks
1 Dozen Chicken Eggs
Fertile Brown Eggs

Nature’s Grown Organics


Big Gain Organic Turkey/Broiler Starter/ Grower
Non-GMO All Stock

Organic Poultry Feeds

Organic Starter
16% Organic Chick Grower
16% Organic Layer Meal
16% Organic Layer Pelleted
16% No Soy Layer Pelleted
Organic Scratch Feed

Organic Ingredients

Organic Redmond Salt (50lb.)
Organic Sea Kelp (50lb.)
Organic Diatomaceous Earth (40lb. granular)
Redman Conditioner

Organic Grain

Organic Barley
Organic Corn
Organic Oats

Organic Complete Feeds

14% Organic Dairy
16% Organic Hog Feed
Mineral 1:1
16% Goat Feed
Alfalfa Pellets


Merton Feed Company carries live chicks, ducklings, turkey poults and keets. We also sell fertilized eggs (does not include duck) for hatching and 16-week-old ready-to-lay hens (Only Red Production Hen breed) and you must call to reserve. In addition, we sell custom feed mixes for chicken and chicks (minimum of 500lb. batches). Call for pricing (262) 538-1250


Sheep, Pig, Llama, Goat and Cow Products

Speciality Products

ONLY AVAILABLE AT MERTON FEED, PRotein % Determined at Consultation

Merton Sheep Feed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Sheep Feed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Pig Feed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Steer Feed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Cow/Heifer Feed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Calf Feed (Made at the Mill)


Goat Chow
Goat Chow Mineral
Mazuri Llama Course High-Fat
Mazuri Mini Pig Elder
Alpaca Ultimate
Mini Pig Youth

Manna Pro

Calf Manna
Pot Belly Pig Pellets
Max-E-Glo Rice Bran Pellets
Max-E-Glo Meal
MP Deer Block
Apple Wafers

ADM Animal Nutrition

Prosponse® Nutrium (25lb.)
CTC 4G No Vitamin
Rumixer MGA Crumble
Flavor Pack (5lb.)
Biotin (25lb. & 50lb.)
Ration Guard
Show Bloom

Mineral Supplements

Stump Dump
Calcium FF
Calcium Bits
Selenium .06
Copper Sulfate Pond Grade


20% Natural Protein Block
Sheep & Goat 20% Pro Block

Miscellaneous Products

Alfalfa Pellets
Alfalfa Cubes
Delco Lass
Beet Pulp (40lb.)
Soybean Meal
Linseed Meal
Roasted Soybeans
Cracked Corn from Local Farmers (25lb. & 50lb.)
Cob Corn from Local Farmers (30lb.)
Shell Corn from Local Farmers (25lb., 50lb. & 100lb.)
Hay Bales from Local Farmers
Sheep Mineral
Sheep Block
16% Kid Grower
Sheep Concentrate
16% Lamb Grower Textured
Lamb Milk Replacer
18% Lactating Goat
40% Hog Concentrate
Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer
Bicarb of Soda Feed Additive
Dry Molasses Additive


Merton Feed Company also makes custom feed mixes for livestock (minimum of 500lb. batches). Call for pricing (262) 538-1250


Small Animal Products

ADM Animal Nutrition

Rabbit & Sheep Feed

16% Rabbit Pellets
18% Rabbit Pellets


Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet
Mazuri Rodent Diet
Show Rabbit

Miscellaneous Products

Straw from Local Farmers
Cedar Shavings
Arabian Haven Chaffhaye
Dejnos Wood-Pelleted Bedding
Canadian Fine Flake Shavings
Canadian Medium Flake Shavings
Canadian 100% Pine Shavings Animal Bedding
Hi-Pro Monkey Diet
Manna Pro Show Rabbit
Kay Kob Bedding

Wild & Domestic Bird Products

Speciality Products

Only available at Merton feed

Merton Deluxe Wild Bird Seed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Wild Bird Seed (Made at the Mill)
Merton Wild Life Party Mix (Made at the Mill)
Uncle Stanley’s Deer Dope (Made at the Mill)


Mazuri Waterfowl Starter
Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance

Wild Bird Seeds

Canary Seed
Flax Seed (Whole & Ground)
Millet (Red & White)
Peanuts (Raw In Shell)
Peanuts (Rejects)
Black Oil Sunflower
Stripe Sunflower
Sunflower Fine Chips
Sunflower Medium Chips

Miscellaneous Products

Wild Life Party Mix
Kaytee Dried Meal Worms
Pigeon Feed
Pigeon Feed No Corn
Grey or Red Pigeon Grit

Miscellaneous Farm & Animal Care Products

Animal Bedding

100% Pure Pine Shavings (Medium Flake)
100% Pure Pine Shavings (Sawdust/Mini Flake)
Wood Pelleted Bedding 
Koop Clean 
Local Farmers Straw 

Animal Feed

Local Farmers Hay 
Boxed Timothy Hay (10lb.)
Total Timothy Lucerne Farm Bagged Mix
Alfalfa Supreme Lucerne Farm Bagged Mix